Artist: Corona

Release: Baby Baby

Label: Eastwest Records

Artist: Buy Now

Release: For Sale

Label: Mode

Artist: Phonique

Release: For the Time Being

Label: Dessous

Artist: Audio Unit

Release: Club DJ

Label: Ocean Trax

Artist: David Amo

Release: Alto Voltaje

Label: Fresco Records

Artist: The Cooky Factory

Release: Vol. 3

Label: The Cooky Factory LTD

Artist: Master Dam

Release: Electrique Party

Label: Punx Germany

Artist: Perky feat Gina

Release: Sensitivity

Label: Fame Holland

Artist: Miss Kimberly

Release: DJ Girl

Label: Bobcat

Artist: Bamboola Prod

Release: Bahia

Label: -

Artist: Deep Ocean

Release: Burning Slowly

Label: Technics Gold Recordings

Artist: Dj Rooster

Release: Shake It

Label: Juicy Music

Artist: Joe Montana

Release: Mesto Lesto

Label: Nature

Artist: Africanism All Star

Release: Summer Moon

Label: Yellow

Artist: -

Release: -

Label: -

Artist: Santacana

Release: El Apostol

Label: The Factoria Spain

Artist: Hugh Gunnell

Release: Los Sonidos de la Terraza

Label: Housonic

Artist: Noze

Release: La Cantiniere

Label: Karat

Artist: C&C Family

Release: Everyday of My Life

Label: Stop & Go

Artist: Mojo Project

Release: In My Life

Label: Lovemonk

Artist: Audio Werner

Release: Zwrtshak Drive

Label: Hartchef Discos

Artist: Rachael Starr

Release: Till There Was You

Label: Vendetta Records

Artist: Michell

Release: Da Thing

Label: Basic Recordings

Artist: Dave Armstrong & Steve Angello

Release: Groove in You

Label: Oxyd Records

Artist: Roman Salzger

Release: Above the Rulez EP

Label: -

Artist: Devilfish feat. Egotron

Release: Passive Aggressive

Label: Frequent

Artist: Presslaboys - Neverdogs

Release: Angel

Label: Presslab Records

Artist: Cirez D

Release: Knockout / Lost Love

Label: Mouseville

Artist: Weezer

Release: Blue Album

Label: Don't Know

Artist: Audion

Release: Motormouth

Label: Spectral

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